World’s 5 Most Extreme and Dangerous Airports !


There are usually many places in the world that are extremely dangerous, challenging and wonderful, but do you know that some airports in the world are so dangerous even when landing a plane is no less than a challenge. The most dangerous airport in the world, where one loses death. Today we are going to tell you about similar airports where takeoff is extremely dangerous.

1. Tenzing-Hilary Airport, Nepal

Located in Sagarmatha Zone of Eastern Nepal, this airport is also known as Lukla Airport. The History Channel has also included it in the world’s Most Extreme Airport. In 2008, it was named Tenjing-Hillary Airport under the name of Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Where the runway ends, the valley begins. Here only small helicopters descend and fly.

2. Juanco E. Yarausin Airport

This runway airport, built on the Dutch Caribbean Islands Sabah, is the world’s smallest commercial runway. But it is also extremely dangerous. Actually, this runway is only 396 meters long and it has a high hill on one side and a deep sea on the other. Large aircrafts like Jet Aircraft can not land on this runway, because its runway is quite small. A small mistake can also prove to be murderous here.


3. Gustaf-3 Airport

This airport is also known as St Barthelemy Airport. It is built near St. Jean village on the Caribbean island. Small regional commercial aircrafts and charter aircraft descend here. There is a light sloping narrow airstroke, which is directly connected to the sea beach. It has also been described as the world’s third most dangerous airport in History Channel’s program, Most Extreme Airports.

4. Tonkatin Airport

It is the Civil and Military Airport located in Tegucigalpa of Honduras. It is considered the world’s second most dangerous airport in the history of the Most Extreme Airport. It is also known for the Accident. Here in the 2008 plane crash, 5 people died. Its runway is surrounded by dangerous hills.

5. Gibraltar Airport

It is the world’s only airport built on Gibraltar Island spread over 6.8 square kilometers near England, whose road passes through the runway. Due to the lack of space, the airport’s runway and road are one. Every time when the plane land and takeoff from the road, barriers are impeded to stop the traffic. It is considered the fifth most dangerous airport in the world.


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