Yoga Session: Meditation can help in relieving stress, practice like this


Lifestyle Desk: You can practice Sukshmam twice a day. Regular practice of this will remove stiffness of the body and also remove stress. There is a special importance of subtle posture in yoga practice. Sukshyama means movement activities work to bring flexibility in your body. If you practice it regularly, you can easily complete up to 1 hour of practice. Not only this, after doing these exercises, you will feel relaxed in your body. Some rules should be kept in mind while practicing. During the practice you should be aware of your coming and going breath, practice regularly according to your ability.

butterfly posture

sit like this
First of all, sit in Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana or any asana, in which you are comfortable, by folding both the legs on the mat. Now make a meditation posture and take a deep breath in and out. Pay attention to your breath coming and going. Pronounce the word Om. You can also pray.

do stretching
Stand on the mat and stretch the body by interlocking the fingers of both the hands keeping the body straight. Count to 20 and slowly bring the arms down and leave the body relaxed. Now do stretching on the mat by straightening the legs forward and moving the toes back and forth.

butterfly posture

butterfly posture
Sit on the mat, keep the waist straight, join both the legs together and hold the feet with the hands. Now pull the knee down towards the floor once and then lift it up. Now move it up and down like a butterfly. You can do this for up to 20 counts. Then close your eyes and relax.

butterfly posture

mill drive
Sit on the mat with your legs spread out in front of you. Now hold both the hands tightly and breathe while bringing the hands up to the toes. Now come back while exhaling. You have to do it as if you are running a mill. Keep the arms straight and keep the waist straight as well. You do this 10 times. Now do this exercise by opening your legs forward.

You sit on the mat by straightening your back in Ardhapadmasana, bending your legs and bending backward as much as possible. During this, your gaze will go backwards and one hand behind the waist while the other hand will be on the knee. Do this once on the left side and then on the right side. You do this 10 times. You can watch the complete exercise at the video link.

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