You can do these remedies to increase the lost brightness of the eyes


Due to long working hours, being busy on mobile or watching TV, eyes get tired. Due to this the light of the whole face disappears. At the same time, you also start feeling mentally tired. By filling freshness in the eyes, you can make the whole body energized by the methods mentioned here.

The first effect of fatigue on your body is seen on your eyes. Eyes are so sensitive that you can clearly see in your eyes how you are feeling physically and mentally. Due to fatigue, the dark circles around the eyes become more dark and the brightness of the eyes fades. Today we are going to tell you how in this situation, the brightness in the eyes can be increased immediately and fatigue can be removed.

The easiest way to get rid of tired eyes

If you want to increase the brightness again by breathing new life in the burdened eyes, then rub the palms of both your hands together.

Start rubbing the palm at a slow speed and then gradually increase the speed. When the palms start giving heat completely, stop rubbing them with slow motion and keep them on your eyes for 30 seconds.

Repeat this process twice at a time, you will get a lot of benefits. Because rubbing the palms puts pressure on the acupressure points and increases blood circulation in the body.

The warmth of the palms reduces eye strain and increases blood circulation in the body.


Wash eyes with cold water

Another easy way to get rid of eye fatigue is to wash your eyes with cold water. For this, mix half-and-half of fridge water and normal water. Now splash this water on the eyes. You will feel instant freshness.

Using cold milk

Take out two spoons of milk kept in the fridge. Now soak cotton in this milk and keep it on both the eyes. After keeping the cotton on the eyes for about 3 to 4 minutes, remove it and clean the eyes with fresh water. You will feel the communication of a new energy inside you.

Compress with ice

Use ice cubes to reduce swelling under the eyes, remove the effect of dark circles and eliminate fatigue.

Remove the ice cube from the fridge, wash it lightly. After this, wrap the eyes in a clean cotton napkin and compress the eyes. Just 2 to 3 minutes of application is enough and you will see freshness in your eyes.

Note- The above information and suggestions are for general information, do not take them as advice of a professional doctor. In case of any disease or problem, definitely consult a doctor.


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