You don’t know these 5 things of Ravana’s brother Kumbhakarna


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Kumbhakarna, the famous character of Ramayana, is unique in himself, it is said that his brother Ravana was the most learned man of his time. There were one to one of his family. Whose intellectual capacity was incomparable in the then world. As you all know, Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Ravana. Today we are going to tell you 5 such interesting things related to Kumbhakarna about which you might not know, so let’s know.

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You don't know these 5 things of Ravana's brother Kumbhakarna
1) Everyone is aware of this aspect of Kumbhakarna that Kumbhakarna had asked for the boon of 6 months long sleep from Brahmaji. This boon was gladly accepted by Brahmaji and from the same day Kumbhakarna went into sleep for 6 months.


2) There is a belief that this secret place was in a cave south of Kishikandha where he had surprisingly set up a huge laboratory. He used to do serious and advanced experiments with his colleagues at this place most of the time.

You don't know these 5 things of Ravana's brother Kumbhakarna

3) Maharishi Valmiki himself has mentioned some such Divyastras in his book Ramayana. Whose destruction capacity was very high. Researchers claim that all these divyastras were the symbol of Kumbhakarna’s great wisdom. However, researchers have not corroborated all these statements on any substantive basis and have not resorted to any physical evidence to prove them.

You don't know these 5 things of Ravana's brother Kumbhakarna

4) He was the son of sage Vishrava and the demonic Kaikasi and the younger brother of Ravana, the king of Lanka.

5) Kumbh means Ghada and Karna means ear, it was named Kumbhakarna due to having large ears since childhood. He was the elder brother of Vibhishan and Shurpanakha.



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