You must have heard about LGBT; But do you know what the Q, I, A stand for in LGBTQIA? If not then read this information

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LGBTQIA Full Form: In 2018, the Supreme Court gave a historic decision. On this day the provision of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was amended. In which the relationship between two persons of the same sex was considered illegal. The Supreme Court legalized same-sex relationships under Article 377, ruling that sexual orientation is natural and beyond people’s control.

With this decision of the Supreme Court, LGBT community got equal status in the society. Later, I and A were also added after Q in LGBT and now the full name of this community is LGBTQIA. Many of you may know the meaning of LGBT, but hardly anyone knows the meaning of Q, I and A. If you also do not know their meaning, then today we are going to tell you the meaning of all these.

L stands for gay:

When a woman is attracted to a woman instead of a man, that woman lesbian It is called In lesbian sex, both partners are women.

G For Gay:

Similarly, if a man is attracted towards one gender ie only men, then he Gay It is called Both the companions are men.

B stands for bisexual:

If a man or woman is attracted to both sexes, he bisexual It is called Both men and women can be ‘bisexual’. In this, both the partners can be of same or opposite sex.

T stands for Transgender:

When one has a man’s body, but a man has the feelings of a woman. Or when a woman has a body but has feelings like a man. This transgender come under the category of It is also due to feelings different from the gender one is born with. Many people also go through gender reassignment to go ahead and choose the gender of their choice.

Q stands for ‘queer’

People in the queer category do not compare themselves to the LGBT category. Because que in que is used as an interrogative. Because these people cannot decide their physical desires. That’s why such people are called queer.

I stands for Intersex Intersex:

People who fall into the category of intersex are neither physically male nor female. Their sex organs could not be determined.

a Stands for Asexual:

Those who are not interested in sexual relations with both men and women are called asexual grade is included in.

Also, there is A for Alliance which is used for people who are not part of LGBTQIA but fully support their rights.

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