You will also be able to watch movies-TV together with a person sitting far away


Well-known company Apple has introduced a new feature named Shareplay in the Worldwide Developer Conference. With the help of Shareplay, users will be able to watch movies on Facetime with their close ones.

All movie content can be viewed through this feature, including TV shows, music and other apps. Through this feature, now you will be able to easily watch movies together with friends and close friends. Apple has rolled out this feature for iOS and other Apple devices.


Currently, Apple users can watch Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Twitch, Paramount Plus, ESPN Plus, Masterclass, NBA, Pluto TV and Apple TV+ etc. Through this you can share your entertainment with your near and dear ones. Apple’s SharePlay feature will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple TV, Mac Desktop and Laptop. This feature will work through the FaceTime app.

If you want to use this feature, then you must be on a call with someone or you must have a call from someone. In such a situation, you can show the content that you have to others and you can show the content that others have.

Apple announced during WWDC that users of both Android and Windows platforms are going to get the FaceTime feature. At present, it is not clear whether Windows users will be able to use the Shareplay feature or not. Let us tell you that Shareplay is also included in the operating system iOS 15 update. At present, its beta testing version has been released and generally it can be released for users by September or October. Apple has also asked the device to include speech recognition during this event.


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