You will be surprised to hear the benefits of camphor, removes many body problems

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Camphor Benefits: Camphor is usually used in puja or havan, but a pinch of this thing is very beneficial for us. Camphor has many medicinal properties that we are unaware of. It is rich in anti-bacterial properties. Natural camphor can remove many problems of the body. Let us know in which problems camphor can be used to overcome.

relieve headache

Camphor gives a lot of coolness. If there is a problem of headache, then applying camphor mixed with arjun bark, white sandalwood and shunthi provides great relief in headache. In case of headache, make a paste by mixing equal quantity of Arjun’s bark, white sandalwood and shunthi and then apply it on the head, you will get rid of headache.

make hair healthy

Camphor removes hair problems like dandruff, dryness, hairfall. Applying coconut oil mixed with camphor stops hair fall and makes hair shiny. If you want thick and long hair, then applying coconut oil mixed with camphor is beneficial.

beneficial in cold

Camphor is very beneficial in cold and flu. In case of cold-cold or cough, the camphor should be mixed with warm mustard oil and massaged. Putting camphor in hot water and inhaling it opens the blocked nose and provides relief in cold and flu.

pain relief

If there is a problem of pain and swelling in the feet, then massaging by mixing oil in camphor provides relief. If you feel tired, you should massage camphor mixed with sesame or mustard oil.

beneficial in acne

Camphor has anti-bacterial properties. Acne gets rid of by the use of camphor. It keeps bacteria away so that acne does not develop.

remove scars

If there is any stain of pimple-nail acne on someone’s mouth, then it can be removed with camphor. Coconut oil mixed with camphor should be applied on the face, it removes the stains and the skin becomes good.

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