You will get the grace of Bholenath and every wish will be fulfilled, definitely do these 6 things on Monday


Kolkata: Bholenath is soon pleased with the measures taken on Monday. In Hinduism, every day one or the other deity is worshipped. Monday’s day is dedicated to Lord Shankar. On this day, devotees go to the Shiva temple and anoint the Shivling with milk, belpatra, bhang and dhatura. Some people also keep a fast on this day to get the blessings of Shiva. It is believed that Bholenath is soon pleased with the measures taken on this day. His grace brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Let us know about these measures.

monday specials

1. Worship of Pradosh Kaal is considered auspicious for the fulfillment of wishes. Bholenath is quickly pleased by Shiva worship done during Pradosh period and removes all the sufferings of the devotees.

2. Donating on Monday is also very important. It is believed that by donating black sesame seeds and raw rice in the evening on this day, problems related to money and money go away. Not only this, it also reduces the effect of Pitra Dosh.

3. By donating curd, white cloth, sugar and milk on this day, Shiva gives desired boon to the devotee. Reciting Shiv Raksha Strot on Monday ends all financial problems.

4. Monday is also very auspicious to eliminate the effect of Moon defect. For this, sandalwood vaccine should be applied on Monday and white clothes should be worn.

5. On Monday, true worship of Lord Shiva should be done with full heart. Offer sandalwood, Akshat, milk, Dhatura, Gangajal, Belpatra and figure flowers on Shivling today.

6. On Monday, Lord Shankar should be offered bhog made of ghee, sugar and wheat flour. On this day, after reading Shiv Chalisa, Shiv Aarti should also be performed. Due to this, happiness and peace remains in the house.

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