You will surprise to know the benefit of eating food on a banana leaf, Know now


In most South Indian homes or restaurants, you must have seen food served and eaten on banana leaves. The tradition of eating on these leaves has been in many parts of India. It is considered pure to serve God’s Bhog or Prasad etc. on Banana Leaves. However, in today’s era, the use of banana leaves in food is dying out and people use it as a luxury. But do you know how beneficial this use of banana leaves is for our health? Yes, when we serve hot food on these leaves, then the nutrition and antioxidant elements present in these leaves add to our food and make the food more healthy. There are many such benefits that we must know. So let us tell here about the benefits of eating banana leaves.

1. Helps to digest food

Actually, banana leaf is rich in the plant-based compound which keeps our health good and prevents many diseases. It also contains antioxidant elements which help in keeping us healthy. When we eat food on banana leaves, then the problem of digestion is also fine.

2. Enhance the taste

A layer is present on the leaves of the banana, which enhances its taste along with the food. When hot food is served on banana leaves, this layer melts like wax and gets mixed in the food, and enhances the taste.


3. Keep the food chemical-free

When we eat in plastic, steel, or any other metal utensils, then many chemical elements are found in the food. But when we eat banana leaves, such chemicals are not found in our food and our food remains healthy and safe.

4. Eco friendly

While plastic plates work to pollute the environment, banana leaves are also safe for the environment.


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