Your face may be harmed in the process of removing blackheads, do not make these mistakes!


Due to sweat and dust in summer, blackheads often appear in the T-zone area of ​​the face. They work to spoil the beauty of the face. Some people go to the parlor to remove it, while some try to remove it themselves with the help of home remedies. They often make mistakes in the removal process, which permanently damages the skin of the nose and leaves a permanent scar on the face.

Sometimes it also causes infection and requires treatment. So what mistakes should be avoided while removing blackheads and how to overcome them? Today we are giving you information about it.

do not rinse out

People often try to squeeze blackheads. By doing this some part of it may come out, but some part gets trapped inside. So this problem persists in the pores of the skin and then wounds keep forming again and again.

Do not use nails: Some people try to remove blackheads using fingernails. But this method is also wrong. By doing this, the skin here will be damaged and its inner part will leak into the pores. This can lead to pimples etc. later.

Do not wax: Some girls try to remove blackheads with the help of waxing strips. This method is also not suitable for its cleaning. Doing so may peel or burn the skin of the nose. Then the problem increases.

use of sharp objects If you are trying to remove them with the help of safety pin, plucker, razor etc. then stop doing so today itself. This can cause skin irritation, even infection.


The right way to remove blackheads

According to Medical News Today, the first thing you should do to remove blackheads is to wash your hands with soap. Then remove the face makeup completely and wash the face with soap. Now scrub the face well with cleanser and massage it. After 2 minutes wash your face and gently rub your nose from bottom to top with a clean towel. Then apply lotion or cream as prescribed by the doctor. Do this process twice a day.

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