Your hobby of keeping long nails can be harmful for your health


Often many women have the habit of enhancing the beauty of the hands as well as nails. However, many women pay great attention to manicures for beautiful nails. But you know that keeping nails too long can prove to be harmful for health. Having too long nails can cause infections and many problems. Therefore, from time to time, the elders of the house keep advising you to cut the nails.

Long nails can be healthful:

Long and dirty nails can potentially cause infections such as pinworms. Long and dirty nails contain more dirt and deadly bacteria, which can result in serious infection.
At the same time, bacteria found in the nails causes diarrhea and vomiting. This is very common among children. If the nails are dirty, germs can easily enter their body and cause infection.


Children’s nails should be cut from time to time. At the same time, children sometimes scratch themselves with nails to relieve itching.

With the intake of hormones and multivitamins, nails grow faster than normal but can become thin and fragile, resulting in nails getting stuck in anything.

Nails are twice as dirty as fingers, so they are more susceptible to bacteria. In such a situation, while chewing the nails, they enter the body through the mouth and infection occurs.


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