Vastu : Your Life is in Danger , If you keep these things near at bedtime


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Nowadays everyone is so busy in this hustle and bustle life that they are not able to sleep peacefully for a second and after that the night that is left in which everyone wants them to sleep peacefully, they should get a good sleep so that the whole day Tiredness is removed, but sometimes due to our small mistakes, we spoil our time as well, due to which we have to face many problems in life.

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According to the scriptures, every person should always keep certain things away from himself while sleeping at night. If such things are not kept away from themselves, then it can cause many mental and physical problems for you. Vastu Shastra mainly describes five things, which are good for keeping away.

Glass of water

We often keep a glass of water at our bedside at bedtime, but doing so has a bad effect on our health, so we should never keep water near our head while sleeping. It has been misunderstood in the scriptures and said It is that by doing this the moon gets angry and our mind becomes disturbed due to which we start having bad dreams and we are not able to sleep peacefully.

Vastu : Your Life is in Danger , If you keep these things near at bedtime


A purse or a copy book is another thing.

Your wallet should not be kept sleeping even at its bedside. By doing this, the wasteful expenditure increases and with this the illegitimate money goes in vain and at the same time any person like newspaper or magazine under his pillow It should not be kept as a reading item. By keeping these things near the head while sleeping, the life of a human being is affected.

The ornaments that we use to enhance our beauty,

the jewelry can also prove to be harmful for us if we put these ornaments on our head while sleeping. If you sleep near it, then always keep in mind that while sleeping, keep the jewelery made of gold and silver away from yourself, and according to the scriptures, keeping these jewels close, we do not get success

. We should not keep any thing made of iron

iron metal, and the key which is a metal, we should not keep it with us at all, it increases the flow of negative energy and we have nightmares, therefore such things Keep away from yourself at night.


Slippers should never be kept at our bedside, near the bed or under the bed while sleeping. By doing this, there is a negative effect on both the health and wealth of the person.


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