Youth Day: Swami Vivekananda had 31 diseases, know the special things related to him


As soon as the name of Swami Vivekananda comes, there is also talk of his role in bringing Indian philosophy, spirituality and ideas to the world. Vivekananda passed away at the age of 39. However, even in this short life, the things he did, the things he said and the thoughts he put, brought him into a different line. Swami Vivekananda struggled with health problems throughout his life, the famous Bengali writer Shankar writes about Swami Vivekananda in his book ‘The Monk as Man’. He suffered from 31 diseases throughout his life.

This included sleep, liver and kidney diseases, malaria, migraine, diabetes and heart diseases etc. Vivekananda insisted on physical strength despite having so many diseases. How much he gave importance to the health of the body, the idea of ​​this also goes with one surprising thing.

Youth Day: Swami Vivekananda had 31 diseases, know the special things related to him

Vivekananda had said, ‘To play good football is to read the Gita.’ Vivekananda also suffered badly from insomnia. He also mentions this in a letter to Shashi Bhushan Ghosh on 29 May 1897.

He had said, ‘I could never sleep while lying in bed in my life.’

Vivekananda left home at the age of 25,


the childhood name of Swami Vivekananda was Narendranath Dutt. After becoming a monk, he was named Swami Vivekananda.

Narendra Dutt actually left home at the age of 25 and became a monk. Ramakrishna was born to Paramhansa in 1881 at the Kali Temple in Dakshineswar, Kolkata.

After this Vivekananda’s life changed. It is said that when Vivekananda met Paramahamsa for the first time, he asked the same question which he had asked many people earlier that ‘Have you seen God?’ Paramahansa after hearing this question said- ‘Yes I have seen. I am seeing God as clearly as I can see you. God can be seen, talk to them, but who wants them? ‘

Vivekananda had a strange experience

Paramahansa while talking to Vivekananda further said, ‘People shed tears for wealth, for wife and children, but who cries because God is not seen? If anyone calls them from the heart, they will surely see. It is said that Vivekananda had more bizarre experiences in his second meeting with Paramahamsa. Vivekananda felt as if the walls of the room, the garden of the temple and even the whole universe started moving and dissolving somewhere. Vivekananda became restless after seeing all this.

On this, Guru Paramhansa blushed and laughed, touched the chest of Vivekananda and pacified them and said – Okay, let it be. Everything will happen when the time comes. Vivekananda went on to establish the Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata on 1 May 1897 and the Ramakrishna Math in Belur on 9 December 1898. National Youth Day is celebrated every year in India on his birthday i.e. January 12 and it started in 1985.

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