Youth was killed in Muzaffarnagar and burnt after keeping the body in Bitode, police recovered the remains


Khatauli. Sensation spread among the villagers after the half-burnt body of the missing youth was recovered from the ashes of burnt Bitode on Sunday morning. The relatives of the deceased along with the villagers created a ruckus demanding the arrest of the killers.

The villagers were pacified after SP City Arpit Vijayvargiya assured to reveal the murder case soon and send the killers to jail. According to information, Kuldeep alias Deepak’s son Subhash, resident of village Shahpur, native of village Titarwada district Shamli, was living at his maternal uncle’s place in Shahpur since childhood.

It was told that on Friday night while having dinner, Kuldeep alias Deepak had left the house after hearing a call on his mobile phone saying that he would come back in a while. Worried about Kuldeep alias Deepak not returning home till late night, mother Babita lodged a missing report in Kotwali as she could not find any trace of Deepak after searching everywhere.

It was told that at five o’clock on Sunday morning, villagers gathered on the spot after seeing Sarju’s Bitode, a resident of the village standing on the roadside, about two hundred meters away from the house of the missing Deepak. After extinguishing the fire of Bitode by pouring water, a half-burnt dead body was seen in the ashes. Sensation spread among the villagers. As soon as the information was received, Kotwal Sanjeev Kumar reached the village with Dalbal and took the dead body into custody.

During this, the relatives of the missing Deepak also came to the spot. After some time, as soon as the dead body was identified as missing 20-year-old Deepak, there was uproar among the family members. On seeing this, the family members along with the villagers started a ruckus.

The persuasion of CO Dr. Ravi Shankar Mishra and Kotwal Sanjeev Kumar had no effect on the villagers. Angry family members were pacified when SP City Arpit Vijayvargiya, who came to the spot, assured to arrest Deepak’s killers soon and send them to jail. The police sent the dead body to the postmortem after filling the panchnama. Later the dog squad and forensic team also inspected the spot closely.

On the basis of the complaint of the deceased’s mother, Babita, the police has started its exercise to quickly disclose the murder case by converting the disappearance of the deceased Deepak into the section of kidnapping and murder. On the other hand, different types of discussions are prevalent among the villagers regarding the burning of the dead body after killing Deepak.


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