Zodiac change: Venus, Mercury and Sun will enter Scorpio, these zodiac signs will benefit

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Planets Transit in Taurus: Every month some planets transit. Hence astrologers make predictions on the basis of which planet is situated in which zodiac sign. Now in the month of November, one after the other three planets are going to enter Taurus. Venus (Venus), Mercury (Buddha) and Surya (Sun) transit in Scorpio. This transit will affect all the zodiac signs. Venus will be in Scorpio on November 11, Mercury on November 13 and Sun will be the king of planets on November 16. As soon as three planets enter Scorpio, four zodiac signs will get special benefits.

Scorpio: People of this zodiac will get special benefit from the transiting planet. Three planets will enter this zodiac. Therefore, the stalled work of this zodiac will be proved. New avenues of investment will open. Job seekers will get success. Respect will increase in society and family. Relationship with partner will be strong.

Crab: In this month, the planets will have special favor on this zodiac. There will be promotion and financial benefits in job and business. Transit period will be beneficial for people earning in the field of education. The working class will get new opportunities in career. There will be less disputes in the family.

Pisces: People of this zodiac will benefit from the transit of planets. This time will be auspicious for any property transaction. Real estate transactions will start. You will get new sources to increase income. The transit of Sun will give new opportunities in career. Respect will increase in the society.

Gemini : People of this zodiac can suddenly get good news in the family. Your financial side will be strong and you will get money. Financial position will be strong during this period. New contracts in business will be finalised. Going out with family is yoga. The money stuck there can also be recovered.

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